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life moves

we help make sure you keep up with it!

It's never too late to Move TOWARD A BETTER Version Of You


The FitClinic

The Fitclinic works with with your personal healthcare provider to coordinate appropriate health and fitness programs and recuperative services on your behalf.


We are not medical service providers. Instead, we advocate for your health and wellbeing by designing personalized  lifestyle programs that teach you how to progressively implement healthy change.


Our mission is to empower you to reclaim control of your body, and health, and to honor all the living you have yet to do. 

Life moves. Let's keep up with it!

Discover What You can do about your body and Fitness


CHOOSE YOUR program emphasis

You are meant to move freely, without pain or disease associated with sedentary living.

And you are meant to achieve amazing things; all you need is a plan.
Our specialty is helping adults over forty reclaim their lives and create a confident body through progressive movement, improved nutrition, stress reduction, and weight management.



Where Exercise is Medicine

2040 North Loop West, Suite 340

Houston, TX 77018

Tel: 832-649-8422

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